Do you notice that when you watch your weight, it stays the same? There is an old saying that a watched pot never boils and that can be relevant to the process of maintaining a healthy weight.

That is because while you are watching your weight, it will not increase because you are consciously aware of it and any slight fluctuations in the wrong direction can be dealt with immediately and swiftly.

Being fully aware of how you are looking and feeling, eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly all work to keep you in shape.

It is when you totally ignore your weight and then decide that you can live a lazy life and eat and drink whatever you want that problems start to occur and the weight starts to creep up.

Only you don't notice it because it is a slow and gradual process that really only gets your attention when you try to get into a pair of pants you haven't worn for a while and they are really tight.

By then, you may have gained several pounds and not realized it had happened.

It then becomes a more difficult task to lose those several pounds again because your body gets used to having them.

How Much Effort?

It takes a concerted effort to bring your diet back under control while making yourself get some more daily exercise to get back to where you were.

It would have been so much easier to only have one or two extra pounds to deal with, which is all you would have if you had kept an eye on your weight!

There may be a huge problem with so many people being overweight and even obese in this day and age. That problem is also exacerbated by the fact that there are so many obesity-related diseases and conditions to contend with and so few people actually realize it is their excess weight causing the problems.

Happily for many people, there and a huge weight loss industry that has grown up to help people combat these problems. Losing weight is not as difficult a thing to do when you know how to do it and what works best.

Cure Promoted Over Prevention

There seems to be far less emphasis on prevention than there is on the cure.

The weight loss companies such as Nutrisystem, Henny Craig, Weight Watchers etc. are obviously focused on selling you its latest, greatest diet program or supplements to "help you" lose what you have gained, because they are driven by profits and not by a sense of actually helping people who need it.

It is really just common sense to make sure you spend some of your energy simply keeping an eye on your body and its size.

That is as opposed to allowing it to spiral out of control and then need to look for what can often be expensive or even dangerous ways of repairing the damage and losing the pounds gained after it has happened.

Make it Easy

So you see it is far easier to keep your weight under control by constantly being aware of any fluctuations that can be remedied straight away.

That way, if you notice that you have gained a pound or two, it is an easy thing to cut back on the food a little. Better still, you have the latitude or get some extra exercise to counter any slight fluctuations on the scales and bring your weight back down to where it should be.

This is far better than waiting until a few more pounds have been added and then having to go on a full blown diet and exercise regime to fight your way back to fitness and to the correct weight again. Prevention is always better than cure and the value you see in your bathroom scales is no different!