You may be wondering how much weight you can lose by not drinking soda or other sugar-heavy sweetened drinks.

The answer is explained in detail below, including the reasons why you should really stop drinking these drinks and instead switch to the more healthy and sensible option of plain water to hydrate your body when you need to.

Losing weight can be very difficult in today's fast paced society.

Many of us are incredibly busy with work and life and as a result, tend to live sedentary lives punctuated by poor diets. This has resulted in an explosion of overweight and obese individuals in Western nations.

Vanity versus Health

One of the most common complaints is dissatisfaction with how one looks, many of us would love to lose a few extra pounds.

Whether this is because you want to fit comfortably into a smaller size of outfit or look great in a swimsuit in summer, or you need to do it because your health is suffering, reducing your body's store of fat and reducing it's size and weight is an important step to take.

However, dieting and exercise are hard to jump into, especially when you lead a busy lifestyle and have little time for it.

The good news is that you don't necessarily need to go on a full blown healthy nutritional diet and exercise program to lose weight, though.

Simple Solutions

There are simple things that one can do, such as eliminating something like soda from their diets and lose a significant amount of weight, without having to go on a diet or work out. Many of us are addicted to soft drinks.

Some of us drink nothing but sugar-laden, caffeine-filled beverages. Most of us drink at least a small amount of sugary, sweetened soft drinks.

And yet, most of us also do not realize just how many calories, and thus potential fat can be gained from drinking soft drinks in excess.

The average can of soda contains roughly 140 calories. Drinking multiple cans of this each day can lead to many hundreds of empty calories. Empty calories are those that do not provide any nutritional value.

This extra caloric consumption is not usually accounted for in terms of reducing caloric consumption from food and thus, drinking a number of sugar-laden cans of soda per day can lead one to go over their daily recommended caloric requirement by a significant amount.

Lose a Pound a Week

Depending on how much soda you drink per week, if you were to switch that beverage with water, unsweetened tea, or herbal tea, you can safely lose up to a pound a week.

That can mean as much as 50 pounds a year, without having to go on a diet or exercise, all you have to do is give up drinking soda. And you will notice that you are likely to feel better as well.

Once your body is rid of all that excess sugar, coloring, and chemicals in this beverage, many report having more energy and having a better overall feeling of well being after they stopped drinking soda.

This is a quick and easy way to boost your health and also drop those extra pounds without the need to go on a commercial diet such as Nutrisystem or Jenny Craig, thus saving you money.

Switching from a sugar-laden unhealthy drink like soda to something calorie free is a wonderful way to reduce your caloric intake and improve your overall health.

This is all due to a reduction in consumption of sugar, which over time really can bring some incredible health benefits. Is that not something well worth considering