Sometimes it takes a popular brand name to light a fire under the seats of overweight people in need of a solution that they can embrace and enjoy.

Thanks to the power of the media and advertising to have pre-cemented the name of Kellogg's in the hearts of its followers, it wasn't difficult to create a big trust factor around the name.

In this article, I take a look at one such slimming aid that comes in the form of a popular breakfast cereal that spawned a much loved dieting plan adopted by many.

What is Special K?

Special K is a popular brand of cereal made primarily of rice and wheat. Since Kellogg's introduced it in 1956, this breakfast brand has been advertised as a good cereal for dieters.

Over the years, the cereal's availability has expanded from its original formula to include nine additional flavors. These flavors include:

  • The original

  • Low-fat granola

  • Chocolatey delight

  • Multi-grain oats and honey

  • Fruit and yogurt

  • Blueberry

  • Red berries

  • Cinnamon pecan

  • Vanilla almond

  • Protein Plus

In recent years, Kellogg has gone beyond marketing Special K just as a breakfast cereal and added dietetic snack bars and meal replacement shakes to its product line.

the special k diet

How the Diet Came About

This led to the creation and promotion of a "Special K Challenge" which soon became the Special K Diet. Many dieters have lost at least six pounds in two weeks on this diet plan, so it certainly has some merit.

While on the plan, you would eat at one meal a serving of the cereal with 2/3 cup of skim milk as well as fresh fruit. For a second meal, you would eat the same thing as meal one or you could substitute a Special K protein meal bar or shake. The third meal would be a normal meal, though if you frequently eat large quantities of fatty or sugary foods you could somewhat derail your efforts.

Throughout the day, you can eat an unlimited amount of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as drink sugar-free, calorie-free beverages. You can also eat two of the snacks or protein water drink mixes.

Popularity Grows

Because the diet is becoming so popular, there are plenty of weight loss forums online which can help you find free moral support from other dieters on this plan. There is also a special smart phone app for people following this specialist diet.

While the plan can be very successful, it is probably not a good idea to repeat it often. While most of the food choices have few preservatives and many nutrients, the lack of diversity may become boring and lead to going off the diet.

Also, the best and most nutritious dieting solution is one you devise with the help of a professional dietitian or nutritionist and that you can sustain over the long term. Once you go off this diet, you risk regaining weight because you have not really changed your eating habits.

Another problem that some medical professionals, including the famed Mayo Clinic, have pointed out is that the Special K diet does not really discuss the importance of exercise. Exercising regularly will not only help you lose weight and keep it off, it will increase your bone strength as well as the strength of your heart and lungs.

The bottom line is therefore to start and maintain a daily exercise routine and once you cease the plan, avoid returning to old, bad eating habits but instead go on to find a healthier, more sustainable eating routine that will ensure you keep the weight off that you initially lost.