Arguable the most important way of maintaining a healthy, well shaped and correctly proportioned body is attending to proper diet and nutrition on a daily basis.

So much research as been undertaken into this facet of people's lifestyles, with such obvious results that you really do become what you eat most often that it's very hard to ignore.

This section of the website is therefore given over to looking at the many ways in which a person's diet affects their physiology and what they can do to redress the balance from being overweight to regaining the correct physical dimensions in the long term.

Do You See Yourself as Overweight?

It's a strange phenomenon, but many overweight people don't always see themselves as being overweight, at lest not most of the time. That may at first seem an odd thing to write until you think it through and the realization sinks in.

When a person is busy doing something, their mind is on the task at hand and not on the state of their body. So they may be busy driving a car, painting a portrait or in deep concentration over a math problem and their mental awareness is totally absorbed on what they're doing. While that's happening, they're not stressing over being physically too heavy.

It's not until they stop whatever it is they're doing and maybe catch their reflection in a mirror or store window that reality comes back and they are conscious of needing to lose weight. Where am I going with this? Stay with me and we shall see...


Wherever your awareness happens to be is what you have uppermost in your thoughts. You will probably agree that is a pretty fair statement.

So what happens when your awareness is not on the need to lose weight, which is doubtless a stressful thought, and instead on an enjoyable experience that you might be taking part in at a given time? You temporarily forget that you need to lose weight and instead release yourself from that stress related thought and are able to relax in a more enjoyable state.

Now transfer that idea to going on a diet to lose the aforementioned weight. It would be fair to say that just being on a diet is stressful because you're constantly being reminded that you must avoid this or that food or drink.

You are frequently made to be aware of the number of calories in whatever it is you are contemplating putting in your mouth. So what if you could be on a diet but do away with the stressful reminders that you are actually on a diet?

That would certainly be better for you because you will be far less stressed. And we all know that stress has a negative effect on health and on any task you are trying to perform. That includes sticking to a diet!

Diet Without Stress

There are several ways in which to reduce or even eliminate the stress related to dieting.

Here are some great ideas that you might want to try next time you start a diet program for yourself:

  • Choose a convenient diet food delivery program like Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem where all the hard work is done for you

  • Choose a conventional diet where you can choose foods that you like to eat and then look forward to preparing and eating your meals

  • Stay active throughout the day doing things that keep your mind occupied and not thinking about the diet

  • Do more exercise because this naturally channels stress into physical activity and disperses excess adrenalin

  • Eat a nutritionally balanced diet (avoid cutting out any major food group like carbs) to reduce stress on your digestive system

These are just a few ideas that you can try for yourself to help cut unnecessary diet related stress from your life. Check out a good diet review or several to get as much information as you can.

Avoid many high Glycemic Index (GI) carbs (refined white flour based foods) and foods high in refined sugar (sucrose) and high fructose corn syrup.

This way you can reduce the physical stress on your digestive system and metabolism while allowing your body to work on reducing its store of fat.

If you are concerned about how many pounds you can lose on Nutrisystem or any one of the major popular diet programs, check out my collection of articles covering this topic in more depth.

Minimizing stress is a good way to put positive energy back into your physical (and to some extent, mental) health.

Dieting doesn't need to be stressful when it's done in such as way that you enjoy the diet you are on. If you find that a diet feels too exacting and too harsh so you feel you will not enjoy it, then don't do it!