How Long On The Treadmill Does It Take To Lose A Pound?

A treadmill allows you to walk or run in one place in a limited space. While most gyms and fitness clubs have numerous treadmills, a growing number of people choose to purchase one for home use. These days, good treadmills can cost a few hundred dollars or even less. The convenience of working out at home may encourage more dieters to stick to their exercise programs. But, consistent effort is necessary to win the battle of the bulge. Many people hoping to shed a few pounds often ask questions such as, “how long on the treadmill does it take to lose a pound?” The answer varies depending on your age, starting weight, gender, overall health profile, and the intensity of your treadmill workout program.

Generally, a man weighing about 180 pounds will burn roughly 355 calories for each hour of treadmill walking at a speed of three miles per hour. Even slightly increasing the speed of your treadmill exercise to four miles per hour would increase that calorie burn to 420 calories. Running is even better if you are in the physical condition to handle more vigorous exercise. A man weighing about 180 pounds would burn approximately 940 calories for each hour of treadmill running at a speed of seven miles per hour. Every pound of weight loss requires a calorie burn of about 3,500. So depending upon the frequency and intensity of your treadmill workout program, you need to exercise at least two hours per week to lose at least two pounds per month. The more exercise you do and the less high calorie foods you eat, the more weight you could potentially shed. Keep in mind that it is generally unsafe to lose more than about six to eight pounds each month after the first few weeks of any diet and exercise regimen.

Most modern treadmills track not only the speed and intensity of your workout, but also offer an estimate of the number of calories burned. If you find yourself becoming bored for treadmill walking or running, opt for a change of scenery by taking your workout outdoors or to a local fitness club. Boredom is a key reason behind people dropping out of exercise programs, so keep it at bay as much as possible.